When It’s Hard for a Parent to Love

Valentine’s Day is Saturday. It’s a hard day for parents who find it hard to love their wayward child, who feel unloved by themmagnified ocean sand and would give anything to hear them say, “I love you.”

Today’s blog is a video interview of my dear friend, Judy Douglass. She’s the mom of a challenging son she and her husband adopted at age nine from a very dysfunctional background. Listen and be encouraged as she shares how God poured His strength into her to love her son by faith when he refused to accept her love for years.

Maybe her story will resonate with yours and give you some comfort and hope.

When Judy felt weak and it would have been easier not to love her son, God did something amazing in her heart. You may feel like she’s telling your story. God used her son to teach her many lessons, especially about unconditional love.

Click here to listen to Judy’s story.


“Whoever is wise, let him . . . consider the steadfast love of the Lord (Psalm 107:43).”  ESV


Loving God,

You’re the One who defined love for humanity. And You went to great lengths to show it to us in the life of your Son, Jesus. Many of us feel so weak today. Please do for us what you did for Judy – help us love our children when we’d rather not. When they’re cruel and reject us; when they’re hateful and rude; when they refuse to believe that we love them, give us steel-like courage to never give up. Garrison our pierced hearts to wait with faith and hope for the day when we, too, may hear them say those words we long for. Draw them with your unfailing, unbreakable, deep, deep love. How marvelous. How wonderful is our Savior’s love. Indescribable; beyond imagination. No one can grasp it’s fullness, height or depth. This Valentine’s Day please remind our children. Make them wise to consider just how very loved they are – by You and by us.

In Jesus’ name.


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