Weary Parents Must Never Lose Hope!

When you’re a weary mom or dad who feels like your child is never going to have a breakthrough, never be set free from the chains that hold them, never come to faith, never be reconciled to you, never____________(you fill in the blank), you need a lot of encouragement. You need to hear stories of others who overcame; found freedom, and faith; found their way back to family and found themselves. I recently read the following story and had to share it with you:

Renee butterfly1“Years ago I received a letter from a friend  . . . He wrote, ‘I recently got some great news. My sister . . . gave up drinking, joined AA, and got saved. She now has a relationship with Christ. . . All this after years of pain using alcohol. I had prayed for her for years and had almost given up hope; however, that apparently would have been foolish of me. God takes care of things according to His will and timetable, which of course are perfect anyway. At any rate, I praise Him for delivering my sister from bondage. God continues to be so good.’ ”  Moments for Families With Prodigals by Robert J. Morgan (Taken from Moment Sixty-six)

What a great reminder for us to not give in to despair but to keep praying – trusting God’s will and timetable. You may be discouraged after praying for so many years, not seeing any answers. Things may seem to keep getting worse. You wonder what good are your prayers doing?

I encourage you, hold on to God’s promises: “The Lord is . . . not willing that any should perish but that ALL should come to repentance.”  (2 Peter 3:9)

We don’t understand. We grow weary. Our faith weakens. Ruth Graham, wife of evangelist, Billy Graham, says our prayers will outlive us. I believe her. Though we may never see the answer in our lifetime, it doesn’t mean the answer won’t come. . What a profound thought to ponder.

It’s been reported that George Mueller (known for being a man of prayer and great faith, trusting God to provide for many orphans in his care through prayer alone, never telling anyone of their needs) prayed for over 63 years for a certain man to have a relationship with Christ. His prayers were still unanswered when Mueller died, but this man surrendered to Christ at his funeral.

It’s not over until it’s over – until the fat lady sings and she ain’t sung yet. The photo of this gorgeous butterfly (with my daughter, Renee) reminds me that at one time this beauty was once an ugly caterpillar. Then it became an even uglier cocoon, until, at the right time – transformation came. When least expected.

As long as your child lives, there’s hope. The beauty of a new life is waiting to burst forth. Could it be tomorrow?


God of All Compassion,

Help each parent reading this hold on to hope that transformation could come to their precious child at any time. The crusty shell of their cocoon could fall away this day. Strengthen their faith to be like Mueller’s. The final chapter hasn’t been written yet. You’re not done. Thank you that You don’t want anyone to perish, so You’ll always keep pursuing them. Teach us to wait for You. To be strong, take heart and wait. (Psalm 27:14).


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