Thanksgiving Day for Parents in Pain

It’s Thanksgiving Day when all through the houseturkey

A family was struggling, their child was no where about.

Mom couldn’t pretend that it was okay, her heart was too broken – there was nothing to say.

Her child wasn’t there – it wouldn’t be the same

No one could understand  the depth of her pain.

Dad felt it, too, the loss was so great,

Their lives filled with sorrow, anger and shame,

For they no longer knew this child of their hearts

Their boy’s a stranger, their girl’s gone astray.

To the land of addiction, estrangement,

I hate you and just go away.


How parents yearn for the years gone by

When games were played and they used to have fun

Their kids enjoyed them and liked to come home.

Now all that is past, who knows what’s ahead?

Will their child see the new year or wind up . .  . dead?


What’s the purpose of this? Why do I write these things?

Why, I just wanted to say I’ve felt much like you,

During the holidays I drug myself through

Thought I wouldn’t survive.


So I wanted to say a few things to you:

Please hold on to hope

Please never give up.

You can’t know what each day holds.


So lift up your eyes to heaven above

Believe God loves you and cares,

He’ll help you be grateful

And Give thanks to His name.


If this holiday is hard, I pray you’ll find comfort in these words.

You are Not Alone.






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