So You Got Yourself a Prodigal

If Tomorrow Never Comes

Today I’m sharing a podcast with you. It’s from Hope for the Journey by Kevin Small. This is for the parent045 who has lost their child or has been on this journey so long they’ve nearly given up hope. Have you become numb? Do you need encouragement for the long haul because you see no end in sight? If your answer is yes, then this is for you.

Is your child incarcerated? Have they struggled for years with an addiction they can’t overcome? As loving, caring parents we’re eager to make sense of it all. We’d love it if someone could worry for us – if only that was possible. Sign me up, right? We know the Bible tells us to cast all our anxieties on God because He cares for us, but when things are tough, it gets really, really hard.

I understand. My daughter has struggled with addictions and mental health issues for over ten years. Many times I nearly gave up. I’ve needed a lot of hope for my journey. She’s still alive today by the grace of God, but I get hard. Do you?

Things don’t always end the way you want. The journey may be a long-term one. Things may not change. You’ve prayed a thousand prayers and seen no answers. Your child received a long prison sentence, they have a terminal disease, they’ve been shot or worse . . . died. People don’t respond well to those things. They tend to offer trite platitudes that only hurt more and anger us – though they mean well. “God wanted another angel in heaven”, etc. Your heartache, grief and guilt are compounded by those statements. What are the answers? What can we do when our child experiences real difficult consequences for their choices and behaviors?

We tend to want to make sense of these things real fast, but what we need is time to mourn and grieve and go through the loss. We need others who will care enough to walk along side us. Please reach out and let them help. Find a support group, too. We can help if you don’t know where to turn. Send us a message.

May God prevent you from becoming numb or bitter, from shutting yourself off from the world. In time, He can help you see some purpose to your pain.

Click here to listen to the podcast. If you like it, follow their blog here.

Never give up. Look to Jesus. He understands. He can help you keep loving your prodigal. He is your hope!

This Bible verse is perfect:

“He gives strength to the weary, and to him who lacks might he increases strength (Isaiah 40:29).” 




2 thoughts on “So You Got Yourself a Prodigal

  1. So need this today! My son has 3 days left on parole was kicked out of a rehab last night for nothing drug or alcohol related. I brought him home my husband and daughter are furious they don’t want him here. He’s sleeping on the back patio I don’t know what else to do!! We saw his parole officer who didn’t send him to jail and said he could stay with me. I’m in such distress!! I understand my familys concerns but I can’t send him out onto the streets!!! He also has a warrant for a previous crime he is going to go to the court once his parole is done!! I need God’s grace and strength more than ever!!

    • Jackie, I’m so sorry. This is really hard. May God give you the strength and grace you need. I hope you will find a support group meeting to go to ASAP, like Al-Anon or Nar-Anon. Even if your son doesn’t have an alcohol or drug problem it will help you deal with a situation that you’re powerless over. Also, a possible option that offers affordable housing is The Oxford House. It’s listed in the Other Resources tab of our website. See if they have a location near you. Lord, please give Jackie the strength and grace she needs. Comfort and sustain her each day. Give wisdom and guidance. Help her son make better choices and grow into the mature, responsible,thoughtful man you intended him to be. And please give him hope. He might be needing a lot of that right now.

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