Promises for Parents in Pain

What promises can you count on when your child is abusing drugs or alcohol, has an eating disorder, cuts themselves, suffers with aSunset mental illness, is promiscuous, has same-sex identity issues, is incarcerated, is pregnant and not married, or has HIV/AIDS? Are there any? I have never had any sense of being promised things will turn out like I want, much less when I want. No “There, there now, don’t you worry. Everything is going to be just fine.” No, not me. If someone does say that, I politely thank them, then walk way as soon as I can, knowing they don’t understand. What I have done is –
turn to One who is bigger and stronger than I am, who really “gets it” – to God.
When we pray for our sons and daughters we come together around the promises of God. We celebrate, we believe, we trust, we rest, we wait and we say thank you for whatever He gives – or withholds.
How often I have wondered where God is and what is really happening. Have you?
As we wait we need an attitude of alertness to God’s still small voice and to his Word that has already been given in the Bible. Let’s come together around these promises. I urge you to make time to read the Bible everyday (God’s love letter to you) and look for promises. Dig in and find them. There are treasures waiting to be discovered.
As you find them write them down and make a list. Read your list often to remind yourself what you can depend on no matter what you see happening. If you’re anything like me you need constant reminders because this journey can be wearisome and long.
Author Henry Nowen wrote, we are “waiting in the knowledge that Someone wants to address us. . .” That’s something to think about.
When His Word comes to you, I pray it will become flesh in you and give you a whole new life. O God, this is what we long and pray for in our children’s lives, too. We will continue to wait with expectancy. We will remain tuned to your Word as we stand in your Presence – together. This is the only way we can live in such a chaotic world and survive spiritually.
“My soul is waiting for the Lord. I count on his word. My soul is longing for the Lord more than a watchman for daybreak. Because with the Lord there is mercy and fullness of redemption” (Psalm 129:5-7)
Sing it loud – “My soul is waiting for the Lord – for his help and strength for the here and now — and for his ultimate return and the fulfillment of all his promises!

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