Perfect Books For Parents in Pain to Give Themselves for Christmas

Wrapped Christmas GiftIf you’re a parent in pain due to the behaviors, choices, and struggles of your teen to adult child, then why not give yourself a gift for Christmas this year – one that can help you? You sure deserve it. You’ve been through so much. No one can fully realize just how much–except God and you. So, I’m giving you an early gift–a list of some of my favorite books.

They’re the ones that have helped me the most over the last ten plus years. They cover the broad issues we all deal with, so they apply to all of us.  The only one that doesn’t is the devotional for those who have an addicted loved one. I’ve given you a brief summary of each book, but you can find out more about them on Amazon, or some other book sales company. is another place to get good deals.


Hope of a Homecoming: Entrusting Your Prodigal to a Sovereign God by O’Rourke and Sauer; two moms share their personal experiences about dealing with their own prodigals. They offer empowering and professional advice on going deep beneath the surface to enlist and direct God’s sovereign power. You’ll find key Scriptures, written prayers, coping strategies, and practical advice on many topics as. They give insightful help and encourage parents to pray their prodigals home.

Moments for Families of Prodigals by Robert J. Morgan; from a dad who’s been there and understands, it’s full of powerful stories of answered prayers, numerous ideas of what you can do while waiting for God to work, and helpful teachings about how to deal with the pain. With prodigals, there are never any guarantees, but there can be a sense of peace.

Parents With Broken Hearts by William L. Coleman; For parents whose children have made destructive choices, this book will help them accept what has happened; stop blaming themselves; regain peace of mind; and enjoy a fulfilling life despite pain. Includes a chapter on adoption.

Praying Prodigals Home: Taking Back What the Enemy Has Stolen by Sherrer and Garlock; both authors have endured the pain of waiting for the return of prodigal children. Yet even as they gave each situation into the hands of the Lord, they did not wait passively, succumbing to fear and despair. Instead they battled for their children in prayer, waiting expectantly for Almighty God to intervene. And He did! Now they tell the parents how to pray their children home, and how the experience can draw them into the arms of their heavenly Father and strengthen their bonds of love.

Praying for Your Addicted Loved One: 90 in 90 by Sharon K. Cosby; provides ninety devotions of encouragement to families coping with addiction. The overall message  conveys hope to families caught in the cycles of addiction. The various stages of the disease: abuse, recovery, and relapse, take their toll. The verses in Jeremiah 30 and 31, the foundation of the book, offer promises of restoration and redemption.

The Power of Praying for Your Adult Children and The Power of a Praying Parent by Stormie Omartian; these books are full of prayers for every concern or situation you may have for your teen or adult child; she also includes words of wisdom and insight on each topic. With stories from other parents and insight gleaned from personal experience, Stormie helps you pray with the power of God’s Word over your children.

Shattered Dreams:God’s Unexpected Path to Joy by Larry Crabb; “A new way to live is available to us,” writes widely respected author and counselor Larry Crabb, “a way that leads to a joy-filled encounter with Christ, to a life-arousing community with others, and to a powerful transformation of our interior worlds that makes us more like Jesus.”
You’ll see how God moves you from shattered dreams to better dreams to the highest dream– and the joy that comes from dreaming it.

The One Year Book of Hope by Nancy Guthrie; a daily devotional for anyone who has been hurt in life and would benefit from a hope-filled daily companion; insightful daily reflections based comfort, encourage, and uplift.

When I Lay My Isaac Down: Unshakable Faith in Unthinkable Circumstances by Carol Kent; the author’s son is in prison. She tells their story and shares the transformational power principles they learned about forgiveness and faith. Dealing with her anger, grief, and shame, she could have given up. Instead she tells a highly personal, heartbreaking, and uplifting story that will bolster your faith.


I encourage you to make time every day to read something uplifting that will help you on this tough road. Even a few paragraphs can make a big difference. I owe a lot to the many books I’ve consumed over the years.

Thank you God for books you can speak to us through to uplift, teach, encourage and comfort. Guide each parent who reads this to the book that’s right  for them at this time. May it turn out to be the best Christmas gift they ever gave to themself!


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11 thoughts on “Perfect Books For Parents in Pain to Give Themselves for Christmas

  1. Please pray for my friend, S. I referred her to your blog on Sunday. Her young son passed away the day before yesterday. He had given his life to Christ a few years ago and been clean and sober before his relapse. Please pray for their family. Thank you.

    • Oh, I am so so sorry for your friend. Father in heaven, I being S. and her family to you. You know the depth of her grief, the heaviness of her loss, her agonizing sorrow. In the midst of her grief may she know that you are still good. Come alongside as her good and gentle Shepherd. Insulate her raw emotions during this time of year when everyone is so happy when she is so sad. May knowing that her son is with you in heaven bring peace to her broken heart. Surround her with other believers who will love her well during this time. Wrap her up in a big hug & hold her close. In Your Powerful Name. Amen.

      Please tell her about Spark of Life retreats. they are 3 day retreats for those grieving the loss of A loved one. They are free – you just have to pay your own way to get there. They are held at beautiful resorts in various locations around the country. When she’s ready, it would be a wonderful opportunity for her on her healing journey.

      • Amen. Thank you so much. I will tell her. I wrote this for her.

        I stand here at a loss
        What to do or what to say
        The tears flow free
        And part of me
        Cannot think of what to pray.

        There are so many questions,
        Not that answers could relieve
        My heart struck down
        Pain all around
        My very breath does grieve.

        While I do not know the answers
        The hope inside me reigns
        I know the One
        Who gave His Son
        And has broken every chain.

        While earthly bodies falter
        And old sin is hard to break
        God’s faithfulness
        His righteousness
        Will never fail or shake.

        Jesus paid sin’s account in full
        “It is finished” said The Lord
        My heart will shout
        Without a doubt
        Death has not the final word.

    • How is your friend doing who lost her son right before Christmas? Two books that will be good for your friend S. are: Experiencing Grief by H. Norman Wright and When You Lose Someone You Love by Richard Cromie. I would also recommend a support group. Grief Share is excellent. She can look for one in her area on their website.

      • Thank you! I will pass along those resources. She is being supported by her church small group and a Prodigal Child group she has been a part of for years. She has good moments and bad but I am so encouraged by the way she hangs on to Jesus and His promises. Thank you for checking on her.

        • I’m so glad to hear that your friend has support from her church and a Prodigal Child group she’s been part of. I’d love to hear what city this is in and the contact email or website for it so I can tell others about it who live in her area. And Jesus bless you for being such a great friend. What would we do with out people like you in our lives. You are a gift from God for her.

          • Thank you. I am able to comfort with the comfort i have been given. I’m sad to say I’ve walked out my share of heartache, including losing my older brother to PTSD. My dog is named in his memory and we try to “help” wherever we can. I always pray over him when I put his harness on to volunteer. Funny how God uses different people or animals to bring comfort and healing. The church is McLean Bible Church. We go to a satellite campus in Prince William County, Virginia. There is another church close by that offers a wonderful counseling program called Grace Ministries and its out of Grace Life Church (Gainesville or Bristow-its right on the line so I’m not sure which town.) I will have to ask her if the Prodigal Group is out of McLean. I always assumed it was and until this conversation, never thought to ask. is the website.

          • That is so cool how you are comforting others, even though a special dog! Beautiful. God does use all kinds of people and animals, too, to bring healing. Thank you for telling me the name of the church and their website. We’re always interested in hearing what others are doing so we can pass it on!

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    I cannot emphasize the importance of having Godly resources by your side when you are going through a difficult time in parenting your teen or young adult. These books are like treasures. Please take the time to read through this list and give yourself a present by purchasing one, two or more. I guarantee they will be a great blessing to you.