My God Box – a picture of mine!

This is a picture of my God Box, the one that I made for my personal use.  I couldn’t get it to upload when I posted my blog last night, but I finally had success!  It was a good lesson for me in not giving up!   That’s a good word for each of us, too, isn’t it?  If you feel like your child will never change and there is no hope, if you feel like throwing in the towel, if you are running out of faith . . . NEVER GIVE UP!!!!!   Change could be just around the corner!  Until then see if using a God Box helps in some way!  It’s worth a try!

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One thought on “My God Box – a picture of mine!

  1. Definitely a great motto to live by… NEVER GIVE UP!! The bible is full of similar reminders not to worry, to pray without ceasing, to cast our cares on Him, to trust in Him…. and so the list goes on. 🙂