Hurricane Irene and Losses in Parenting

Hurricane Irene wreaked great damage, loss of property and lives last week.  Since I live in central Florida and having grown up in Miami, I am only too familiar with what hurricanes can do.  My husband and I were glued to the TV, empathizing with and praying for those in the path of this storm.  It is so sad to hear of the ongoing suffering the aftermath of flooding is still causing.  It seems to me this is much like what parents in pain go through.  There can be much damage, loss of all kinds and prolonged suffering. How do we go through this “storm” without faith in a loving God?  In an article I read the other day a mom said:

“I just can’t face the depth of my pain and losses without knowing Christ. In Christ there’s always hope. And the deeper the pain, the clearer the hope can become. Without Christ, I can’t face it. I can only face what a pill can solve. I can only face what eating too much or spending too much or watching TV too much or crying a lot or reading too much or watching soap operas can solve, which isn’t the real me.”

Do you ever feel like that?  I have.  And I can tell you from my personal experience that if you keep trusting God, He will see you through.  Notice I didn’t say he will fix your child.  We have to learn to be ok, even if they are not.  We have to learn to be comfortable with being uncomfortable, to be at peace when there is still no resolution.  I thought it wasn’t possible, but it is.  Lean on God and He will be your Life-Preserver.  Your Rescuer.  Your light in the dark night of your soul.  Your Helper, your Comforter and your Healer.  I could never have survived without His loving care and strength.

You may feel as though you are being violently ravaged by an emotional “hurricane”, but you can survive the storm and not become another victim.  Here are 6 Parental Hurricane Survival Tips:

1)  Find several people to give you regular, emotional support.  Find a support group (Al-Anon is one great option) or start one!

2)  Educate and inform yourself as much as you can about your child’s issues.  The more you know, the more it will help you.

3)  Get a complete physical and consider anti-depressants or natural supplements if you have been under a lot of stress, feeling depressed for an extended  period of time.

4)  Pray for strength to endure – this may be a long road.

5)  Get regular exercise – it will help you release stress and feel better.

6)  Find strength from reading the Bible and prayer.  They have been my lifeline to find hope and truth.

More pain and loss may be coming into our lives but remember, in God, there is always hope.

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