Help for Hurting Parents

decisionsI’m the mom of a daughter who is has struggled with mental health issues, addiction (alcohol and drugs), self-injury (cutting), suicidal thoughts and more. If your child deals with any of these, then you know how devastating it is. Your world is shaken. Your heart is broken. You don’t understand. It’s all so confusing. So overwhelming.

You feel alone.

You don’t know where to turn for resources.

And you need them.


Where can you find resources to help? Are there books or websites that address your situation? How can you find them? Which ones are reliable? It’s so helpful if someone you trust has already checked them out and can recommend something for you. I can help! Over the last ten years I’ve read many books and checked out numerous websites. I’ve accumulated an exhaustive list. I’ve shared some in the past and today I’m going to share a few more.

Addiction: Hope and Help for the Addicted, Jeff VanVonderen  – from one of the counselors on cable TV’s Intervention program.

Mental Illness: Facing Bipolar, Federman and Thomson – the authors are psychologists who have helped college students understand and accept their diagnosis for three decades.

Prayer: The Power of Praying for Your Adult Child, Stormie Omartian – a thorough guide to pray for every area of your son or daughter’s life.

If you get one of these and find it beneficial (or have previously read it), please leave a comment. They’re on my bookshelf and I loan them out all the time.

Most of all remember this: You are NOT alone. The best Resource of the universe is there for you. God. The Creator and Maker of all things. When you ask, He’ll help. He’ll direct you to the people, books, and websites you need. If He did it for me, I’m confident He’ll do it for you.



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