Earthquake in Nepal has Message for Hurting Parents

When I heard about the terrible earthquake that hit Nepal and the growing death toll, I moaned. It hurt my heart. It’s difficultearthquake in Nepal to imagine that degree of suffering, loss, and destruction. Many parents – maybe you – find themselves living in what feels like an earthquake, but their child caused it. Emotionally, it brings about total upheaval of your foundations. It’s devastating. Earth-shaking. You’re not sure you have the strength or survival skills to live through it. You have no idea where to turn for help. You cry out to God and wonder when or where rescue will come?

It may feel too late. The destruction has already hit.

When I felt this way because of my daughter’s addictions, self-injuring, mental illness, suicide attempts and sexual trauma, there were four words I needed to hear. I believe they were from God. They were:


I think He wants to speak those words to your heart today.

When your world shakes  –

When your foundation crumbles –

When it looks like the walls of your life have caved in –

When it feels like your life’s been turned upside down by the behaviors, choices and struggles of your child (or grandchild) –


There’s One who will hold you steady.

There’s Someone who cares even more than you.

There’s a way to survive.

The hope of rescue is real.

It’s a person.



Through His son, Jesus Christ

And the power of the Holy Spirit

He’ll be with you.

He’ll never leave.

He’ll stay by your side.

He’ll weep with you and dry your tears.

He himself will be everything you really need.


Strength and courage.

Wisdom and Guidance.

Help and Hope.

Peace and Comfort.

Counsel. Divine sufficiency. Intimate fellowship.


Knowing His Presence was a constant in my life got me through my worst days, weeks and months until I came to a place of peaceful acceptance that wasn’t attached to the outcome of daughter’s situation.


These Bible verses gave me immense encouragement:

“When the earth and all it’s peoples quake, it is I who holds it’s pillars firm.” Psalm

“…I will never leave you or forsake you…”  Hebrews


From personal experience I can say that the truth of these four words is trustworthy and dependable for every earth-quaking experience you ever experience. If the concept of knowing God personally is new or strange to you, or you’d like to know more, click here for more information.


Ever-Present God, thank You that You’re always with us. You’re fully aware of our every need and promised to never leave or forsake those who know You. Without Your help we can’t get through the trials that shake us. The power of those four words, You Are Not Alone, are life-altering. We find them incredibly comforting and strength-giving in our suffering. We’re holding on to them – we’re holding on to You – depending on You to keep Your word. We will believe You’re With us – no matter what may come.

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