Thoughts From Renee Yohe’s Mom about the TWLOHA movie

Most Frequently Asked Questions

TWLOHA movie12The To Write Love on Her Arms movie has been out over a year now. It’s surreal for my husband and me to see our ourselves in a movie. We’ve heard from friends all over the country who’ve watched it and even a few who saw it on international flights.

Comments have been overwhelmingly positive. The movie was filmed four years ago and took a while to make it to the public. One of the producers and lead character in the movie, David, died three years ago. The movie exists because of his strong belief that this story needed to be made into a motion picture. Why? So that it could impact more people with its powerful message of hope.

We thank God for you and your ability to dream big, David!

I’ve been asked a lot of questions about the movie. You can rent or purchase it from a variety of sources: Netflix, itunes, Amazon, Hulu,, or Walmart online. Rated PG-13 for language and content, the film deals with sensitive subjects: addiction, mental illness, self-injury, and sexual trauma. For individuals who actively struggle with self-injury, counselors recommend they watch it with a supportive community and have opportunities to talk about it afterward so that it won’t trigger them.

I thought I would answer a few of the most frequently asked questions today and then several more in my next post on Sunday, July 10th.


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“Renee” the movie – it’s about my daughter!

An amazing phenomenon to my husband and I is that earlier this year a movie was made about our daughter, Renee’s, struggle with addiction, depression, self harm and suicide.  It will be released sometime in 2012 in major movie theatres all over the country.  Our whole family’s desire is that this movie will be the catalyst to bring renewed hope to the thousands (if not millions) who suffer as Renee has.  We also have a pretty big dream — that every day people like you and me who see it, in every community across this nation, will be so deeply moved that they will choose to take action.  They will be motivated to make a difference in one of these areas.

There are so many needs related to these issues.  Does your community have parent support groups?  What about support groups (or any kind of help) for those who self harm?  Suicide hot lines?  Support for family and loved ones who have been affected by suicide?  There is no limit to the good that could come from this movie.  Many beautiful things.  Life-changing things.  My husband and I (as well as Renee) have found that as we are willing to be real and share our journey, others are helped.  Our pain can result in others being helped.  There can be “Purpose for the Pain”.  (this is the title of a book Renee wrote — a journal chronicling her journey.  I will say more about that another time.  If you google the title, it can be ordered online.)

So, here’s the first release of “behind the scenes video” from the making of “Renee” the movie.  I’d love to hear your comments!  If you are interested you can find out more about the movie as it progresses closer to being released on their facebook page (

“All things are possible with God.”  (Mark 10:27)