Can music help a broken heart?

Music has always been an important part of my life. I was a music major my first two years of college and have enjoyed the flute for most of my life. Music is also an important part of the lives of a couple of my family members.  My dad and one of my daughters, Renee. My dad was a band director for over 35 years. (He passed away this year at 92!) My daughter is a song writer and singer. She seems to have inherited her grandpa’s music gene.

I have found music to be a powerful force. When I’m sad or worried it soothes me. When I need to, it helps me cry. When I have been depressed it uplifts me. Other types make me smile and laugh. I have even found music could heal my heart when it has been broken. Through music I also worship my Creator. What a gift. I can’t imagine my life without the beauty and comfort it has brought me.

Today I thought I would share with you a song my daughter, Renee, wrote. It’s called, The Nothing.

There’s something very special about the songs she writes. They speak of her journey and her story. Some of the words are quite profound, the melodies and harmonies uplifting.

Click here to listen:

I have also included the words for you. The Nothing speaks of finding freedom from a drinking problem through facing it, then learning from your past mistakes so you can move forward.

This is Renee wearing a special necklace with a photo of my dad on it. He was a great inspiration for her. She even dedicated her first CD to him and has his photo on the cover.

The Nothing

All the people here are so hungry, they’re so thirsty, just looking for something,

to satiate, to sustain, but soon your eyes will greet the bottom of the glass,

that shit won’t last, it’s gone too fast, you’re left with your regrets,

oh what did you expect…

 ChorusAnd you’ll fall down, spill your guts out, 4 A.M. in the gutter, you lost your dreams down the drain

We’re all running from the nothing, the darkness coming, just looking for something,

to keep it at bay, so we can stay,

but I have finally seen how to make it last,

gotta own your truth, learn from your past, abandon your regrets, and suddenly you’re free . . . (back to chorus)

Refrain – But there’s beauty when we rest, so much beauty when we wake, drop the mask, forward movements inspired by the past

God, open our children’s eyes so they can see what they are doing to themselves. Cause them to grow tired of quenching their thirst with things that won’t last or satisfy. May they be ready to quit throwing away their dreams, stop “running from the nothing” and find real purpose for their lives. Give them courage to drop their mask and face the truth. Help them learn from their past, wake up and find freedom!  In Your Son’s name, Amen.

**Renee’s stage name is Bearcat. If you go to Youtube you can watch some videos of her singing more of her songs. She will soon be going out on tour around the U.S. singing the songs on her CD.  On her Bearcat Facebook page you can see her schedule if you would like to hear her sing in person. From the Facebook page you can also order her CD. It is also available from itunes.

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3 thoughts on “Can music help a broken heart?

  1. Dena, Renee has an absolutely gorgeous voice! I am going to purchase her CD for my daughter…she’s still using 🙁 but I am still hopeful.

    • So glad you liked her voice. I hope her music will encourage your daughter! Let me know if you want me to email you the lyrics to all of the songs on the CD. I think you can request the words when you order the CD.