A Party Invitation for Your Prodigal Child

Remember when your children were young and were invited to birthday parties? We’d go shopping together and selectkidsbirthday a fun gift for them to take. After several years I noticed my children began coming home from those parties with gifts, too. A prize they won in a game or a party favor; a thank you for coming.
Our children are all grown up now, but did you know they’ve been invited to another party? By God. Yep. And it’s the ultimate gift exchange. He invites them to bring their sins and He’ll give them His Son. What an offer! What an exchange! What a prize!
Lord, we pray our children will accept Your amazing invitation. Convince them it’s really true – that You love them enough to offer Your one and only son.
Their worst for Your best.
Their dirt for Your cleansing.
Their shame for Your forgiveness.
Their bondage for Your freedom.
Their emptiness for Your purpose.
It sounds too good to be true.
No more guilt.
No more loneliness.
No more searching for a place to belong or for someone to really love them for who they are.
No more aimless wandering.
No more soul-suffering.I realize it sounds simplistic, but Jesus really is the answer and the solution for their lives. He’s the best gift ever – for them and for you.
062O Father, may today be the day our children respond to your invitation. Refute Satan’s lies that this offer is only for certain people and not for them. For those who are good enough, not for those who’ve fallen and failed. Help them believe Your offer still stands even though they’ve turned it down time after time, year after year.
You’re just as eager today as you were when You first asked them to come. Your arms are stretched out wide in an open welcome. How You long for them to be made whole, to simply say, “yes”. Come to the party and receive the ultimate gift, my child!
I pray with you for this prayer to be answered soon. While you wait, may your hope remain strong and please don’t neglect yourself. You are of great value and worth to your heavenly Father. He wants you to live in joy and peace, knowing He’s working where you cannot. Rest fully in Christ who knows what you will face today and in every tomorrow. Breathe in his fragrance; soak in his love. He is your sufficiency in all things. Amen.
This book will encourage you: Will Your Prodigal Come Home? by Jeff Lucas.

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