A Message for Parents with Heavy Hearts

It’s the beginning of Advent. For many parents hearts are heavy, smiles are forced, there will be no “merry” in their holiday single tree-569season. Is that you? Do you ache over your son or daughter’s hurts, habits and hang-ups? Do their destructive behaviors and choices destroy your peace of mind, sapping you of any “joy to the world”? Are you distracted, burdened and confused? Does it seem like there’s less and less hope to hold onto?

If you answered in the affirmative to any of these questions you’re not alone. I’m also one who knows how it feels. I’ve been in your shoes and walked many miles in them. I have a message for you.

One year I received a Christmas card with a verse that really made me think. It had quite an impact on my depressed mood. Here it is:

There will be less someday –
MUCH LESS, and there will be MORE:
Less to distract and amuse;
More to adore;
Less to burden and confuse;
More to undo the cluttering of centuries,
That which star and angels point to:
We shall be poorer and richer;
Stripped and free;
For always there will be a GIFT,


No commentary is necessary. I’m so grateful for this gift – the tree of Calvary and for what happened there. I’ll let you ponder this verse and trust that God will speak to your heart as He chooses.


Prince of Peace, I pray the burden and confusion of each troubled parent’s heart will be lessened this holiday season as they focus on the More You have for them, even in the midst of their child’s unresolved situation. In the riches of Your Presence, may they find peace to soothe their pain and fullness to fill their empty, broken places. And may they especially find fresh hope in You for whatever tomorrow brings.

In Your beautiful Name.



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