OUR MISSION: To give support, encouragement and hope to hurting parents on their journey from surviving to thriving. 


Our focus is not on our children, but on us, the parents. How can we navigate this difficult journey with as much health and peace as possible? We believe we can, over time and with help, move from simply surviving to even thriving.

Support and Encouragement is given in a variety of ways.

It can be found through this Website: blog, signing up for encouraging emails, other resources, other websites, books and information about our support group curriculum.

In addition, we send text messages, arrange personal calls, and for those in the Orlando area, personal appointments. We are also committed to pray for you and your children.

Another Word About Support Groups

God never intended us to live in isolation, but in community with others. Support groups can play a vital role offering safe, confidential, non-judgmental, and loving environments for growth. See the tab “Want to Start a Support Group?” on the top menu of this site.

It’s our conviction that God is a merciful comforter. He comforts us in all our affliction, then gives us the opportunity to comfort others. As we bear each others burdens, we also “fulfill the law of Christ.”

(2 Corinthians 1:3-4 and Galatians 6:2)


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4 thoughts on “Mission

  1. Dena and Tom,
    I watched your video and found it very enlightening and hopeful. Thank you for putting your story online. Tom and I would be interested in attending a hope for hurting parents meeting and I believe there is one coming up this Tuesday; but I wanted to make sure. Could you email me back to confirm and provide where it is located? Thank you so much. Beverly C.

  2. My wife and I would be interested in attending a hope for hurting parents meeting. Can you tell me where there are located and maybe even how to start our own group in our community.

    • Gerard,
      There are not many groups around the country. I don’t know your location so I can’t speak specifically to what groups may be near you. Dena and I have created a manual for those who would like to start a group of their own. It has 22 sessions, enough to meet twice a month Jan through Oct. and once a month in Nov and Dec because of the holidays. The manual does not need to followed in any particular order and you can have a group as often as you like. Some do it for several weeks and take a break then start again. It’s flexible. The group focus is the parent, and the sessions give topics to discuss. It’s not a teaching time but a sharing time.

      We can let you know more if you’re interested.

      Thanks for reaching out to us,

      Tom and Dena