Interview with Mom of Former Heroin Addict

What She Wants You to Know

Welcome to my blog struggling mom, dad, step-parent or grandparent. Today’s blog is a true story. It’s an interview with a mom whose adult son was a heroin addict. He also struggled with mental health issues. (I posted another interview on August 7th with the mom of a teen).

Her name is Katie James, CRU staff member for many years. This is a strong Christian family involved in full-time ministry. This can happen to anyone.

We hope her authenticity and words of wisdom will help you on your journey. At least you will be reminded that you are not alone!


What signs of trouble did you first notice? 

We were slow on the uptake for sure. While there were certain things that predisposed our son to drugs (substance abuse and depression/anxiety disorders run in our family on both sides), we still assumed our children were immune to drugs in light of growing up in a strong Christian family. (etc. so silly…). Of course I know now that addiction can affect any family or individual.

Because our children were destined to never go off the rails (yes, that would be sarcasm) we explained away falling grades and other early signs. But looking back, the early signs of trouble were the typical ones: poor grades, cynicism, hanging out with a different crowd. He also stopped going to youth group and attending the Bible study my husband led in our home even though his old friends still went. And then there was the homemade bong I found hiding in his closet. A dead giveaway!


Please tell us your story. 

Our son began doing drugs when he was around 14:

Interview with the Parents of a Former Prodigal Son

Tips and Resources for Hurting Parents


Do you wish you could sit down with a parent who’s further down the road of difficult parenting than you?

You’d pepper them with questions and hope to glean something helpful for your own situation when you parted.

Today’s blog is an attempt to do that. To offer hard-earned insights from a mom and dad who’ve been there. They are John and Fair Brocard, devoted Christian parents of a former troubled teen. Like my husband and I, as a result of what they went through over 15 years ago, they started a new ministry—Prodigal Child Ministries—to help other parents who were suffering like they had.