Love is More Than a Valentine by Tom Yohe

How a Dad’s Relationship Changed with His Daughter

February is here. Many of us think of how we will express love toward those who mean a lot to us on Valentine’s Day. Grocery stores are stocked with cards, flowers, candy, and balloons.  Restaurants run specials hoping to entice us with food and beverages. All of these ways tell someone they matter, a tangible way to say I love you.

How do you express love to someone who has hurt you, filled you with feelings of anger, fear, and sadness? And what if this person is your teen child?

This was my dilemma. One Saturday afternoon while several hours from home, I received a call from the police. Shocked and puzzled my mind wondered, why would the police be calling me? The voice on the other end explained my 18-year-old daughter was in the hospital, Baker Acted for self-injury, admitted to a psych ward for her welfare, but against her will.

Interview with a Mom

Valentine's Day Message for Parents in Pain

Valentine’s Day is soon. It’s a hard day for parents who find it difficult to love their wayward children, who feel unloved by them, and would give anything to hear them say, “I love you.”

Today’s blog is a video interview of my dear friend, Judy Douglass. She’s the mom of a challenging son she and her husband adopted at age nine from a very dysfunctional background.

Listen and be encouraged as she shares how God poured His strength into her, empowering her to love by faith when her son refused to accept her love for years.

Maybe her story will resonate with yours. Maybe she will give you some comfort and hope.