A Letter to Hurting Parents in Manchester, England

We Weep With You

Concerts and bombs. Music and mayhem. No! They should not go together! Dear parents and grandparents, brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles and cousins and friends of Manchester, England . . . we hurt with you. It pierces our hearts that 22 of your loved ones were killed and over 100 injured by a ruthless killer or killers.

Many of us here on U.S. soil live in constant fear that our children will one day end up in the wrong place at the wrong time like yours did. We’ve come to expect bad news due to our children’s dangerous behaviors and choices, but that wasn’t the case for you on May 22nd.

5 Ways to Endure Painful Parenting Experiences

What I Learned the Day My Husband Almost Died

April 15, 2017—the day before Easter. I had no idea what was about to happen or how my world would be shaken, but that’s how it is in this life. We can’t see what’s in our future, unless we’re like Nicolas Cage in the movie, Next. However, even he could only see two minutes ahead. Tragedies usually sneak up on us and find us unprepared. They blindside, take us by surprise, shock and stun.  And so it was on that near fateful day. I never saw it coming. 

Parents, Why are you Talking When Your Child’s Not Listening?

Two Things That Might Help

I discovered two things that really helped me on my parenting journey.

  1. When your teen or adult child stops listening to you, stop talking (trying to teach, instruct, etc.) and start praying. I’m not saying don’t talk to them, but stop the constant attempts to teach, instruct and train.

2.  Talk to the One who is listening—to God. And remember, you need to listen to Him, too.

With a rebellious child, much more can be accomplished by our conversations with God than with them.

When Mother’s Day Hurts

When Your Child Breaks Your Heart there's No Break on Holidays

If your son or daughter struggles with addiction, mental illness, self-injury, an eating disorder, suicidal thoughts, is incarcerated or has other issues, then Mother’s Day is going to be difficult. It will hurt. A lot.

If this is your journey, then this is for you.

Moms like you don’t look forward to Mother’s Day. I know. I’ve been in that place. It brings increased sadness. Heavier heartache. You’d rather skip the day. You know you probably won’t hear from them, much less get a card.

You won’t see their smiling face greet you with affection, hand-made cards or thoughtful gifts like when they were young. They’re too self-focused and oblivious for such loving gestures now. They may not even know it’s Mother’s Day. They’re clueless.

Where does that leave you? Set up for a lot of hurt and pain, anger and resentment.

Prayer Can Change Your Child’s Life

We All Need an Advocate

Thank you Judy Douglass, the mother of a former prodigal, for today’s post. I believe her words will encourage you.

June 2 is the Worldwide Prodigal Prayer Day. It will be here in a few weeks. Those of us who love and pray for prodigals prepare our hearts to bring our wandering loved ones and the thousands on the “pray-for” list to the throne of grace. This year our theme will be By the Spirit and this week we look at Advocate. You are welcome to join us.

Our theme verse is Zechariah 4:6: “Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit…”


Dear Lover of Prodigals,
As a writer, I sometimes receive requests to endorse books—most often from friends. They want me to vouch for them, to say their book is well written and worthy of reading. In a sense, my friends are asking be to be an advocate for them.